Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stephen's Story

Hi everyone.

Today  I would like to  introduce you too an  amazing  young  man named  Stephen Sutton.

A few days ago, I was made aware of  this  young man.

Please read below---

"Stephen Sutton has been battling cancer since the age of 15. On January 13th 2013, shortly after finding out his disease was incurable, Stephen made a Facebook page called “Stephen’s Story”. On the page he outlined a bucketlist of 46 things he wanted to achieve in the near future. Since creating the page Stephen’s following has grown exponentially and he has inspired thousands of others with his positivity and passion for life. He has achieved more than most would in a lifetime; resulting in him winning countless awards in recognition of his inspirational work, most notably he has raised over £560,000 for charity in just one year. This is not a sob story, this is Stephen’s Story."
Following the shock of an incurable cancer diagnosis Stephen came to terms with the fact his long term goals of becoming a doctor were realistically not viable anymore, so as a result he needed a change of a direction. On the 13th January 2013 he created the Facebook page Stephen’s Story.
In its original form, the page consisted of casual updates while the active teenager ticked off items from his bucketlist of 46 things he wanted to do with the time he has left. Since then, the page has developed and its sole goal is to help others- whether that be by the fundraising the page promotes, the motivational quotes and statuses that are put out, or just by the humour and general positivity he integrates within every status.
Stephen’s Story has since expanded to other forms of social media including Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, amongst others. The much admired teenager, who writes every update himself, has now most impressively acquired over 16,000 dedicated Facebook fans and nearly 15,000 avid followers on Twitter.
Stephen’s Story has now evolved into all encompassing online platform that Stephen uses to spread as much positivity as possible from. Thus far he has inspired thousands of people across the world with his passion for life and will continue to make a genuine difference for as long as he can.

I want to help Stephen raise more awareness and funds for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Starting today April 30th - May 3rd all proceeds from the sale of all my Lacy Sunshine Boo's including my new Jenni Boo will be donated to this Trust.

Below are more links for you to read about Stephen, a remarkable man. and his website

(The  above information  was  found  from  Stephen's  Facebook  page  and  website).

Cancer is a terrible thing. I have personally seen it affect numerous people and take lives way too soon.
I hope and pray that together with your help and with the help of my Lacy Sunshine Boo's we can  raise awareness and help join in the fight.

Below is My new Jenni Boo, which is available in the new section to my shoppe.
I thank you from the bottom of your heart for any and all support.
Thanks you..
Hugs ,


Hi! Denise here!

I am so honored to be working with all you talented ladies! I am excited to be your tutorial person for Tutorial Tuesday. Take a sneak peek for the tut next Tuesday, can you guess what digi I am using and Heather, YOU CANNOT PLAY, cuz you already know! LOL!

I am co-owner of Lasting Memories Layout Challenges and Heather sponsors us for Digitally Sweet and when Karen Wilson found Lacy Sunshine, I said 'NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT' Love her images!
Manderly, I'm praying for good health for you, I'm glad you're staying with the DT cuz you are an awesome creator!
Audrey, so we meet again! GOOD CHOICE HEATHER!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Girly you rock!!

Hello Everyone,
Here is Tiets and this is my first post on this blog.. I was very proud when Heather asked me to join this team, and I had to think it over for a while, because I am very busy with my DT work for Noor! Design. But I love the digi's Heather is making so I said yes!
I will tell you something more about myself. I am married to Karel and we have 2 children. My daughter is 25 years old and is living with her boyfriend,(they will gett married febr next year!) and my son of 23 is living with us. He is a student.
I also work , helping older people at home, which is very greatfull to do.
Since 2,5 years am I working for Noor! design, and it is so great to work with their materials. We have a lovely team !
Now my card:
This is Rory-Delivery of love.. I love the cool look of her and just had to color her.
You can find her here in the section sweet urchins .

I started with my copics markers and when I had her face and hair done,  I had to pick the purple colors and nothing was right with the papers I was using! So I surched my prisma pencils and colored the rest !
The papers are just perfect for rocky Rory and I think I have managed to make a cool card with her.
As I told you I am a DT member of Noor! Design. They are making dies, stamps and papers and all you see on the card is Noor! Design. It is so easy to combine all these things on a card.
I hope I have inpired you with this card and  you will see more of me in the future here!

Hugs Tiets xx

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Gerry Geranium

Hi Tanya here ! Hope you all are having a great weekend. Some celebrating by relaxing,some by traveling..visiting family and some hunting for the long lost egg hidden by the one and only Easter Bunny. 

But some are enjoying the first signs of spring...maybe planting flowers ...Yes ???...Then this new image may inspire you.Her name is Gerry Geranium.A newbie from the Flower Pot Pretties line. You can buy her in the new section of the shop.For all the details please stop by my blog .

Have a fabulous weekend ! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lizzie and Claude!!

Good morning to all of my fellow Lacy Sunshine lovers!! I have a very cute Digi Image that I have had the honour to colour up..LIZZIE and CLAUDE now tell me this is not cute..I am sorry for the poor lighting..I am part of the CREATIVE ARTIST TEAM..So this image was coloured using COPIC markers and shaded with PRISMA PENCIL... I hope you like the card..the pics down below give you a rough idea of my creative process..Sorry for the short post but I have a torn hip and it is giving me a run for my money tonight..thanks for stopping by and if you like this image head over to shop and pick her up..take care..

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hi everyone!

I am proud to announce that very soon you will be able to have your very own Lacy Sunshine Wallpaper, Decals and Gift Wrap. 

This is something I have wanted to do very a very long time. 

Here are two sneak peeks.

 More details to be announced.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!
Hugs, Heather

Thursday, April 10, 2014

EXCITING TIMES At Lacy Sunshine.

I have  a couple of  exciting things  to  share with you  today!

First,  I am THRILLED to announce that I have signed with SWEET PEA STAMPS who will be manufacturing and selling my exclusive red rubber stamps! Two new designs have just debuted and are available on pre order. A new Rory and a new Emmilou.....  take a peek  below! These designs will never ever be released as anything but red rubber stamps via Sweet Pea Stamps.  Here is the link.....


For the past several months I have been hard at work planning the next best thing to take the crafting world by storm.
Today, I am beyond thrilled to announce just that.
Become a Sunshine Girl Demonstrator. Receive your fully customizable Crafter's Candy Box Starter Kit. Invite your friends. Host a Party. Earn perks, crafting rewards and even earn cash. All while having fun.
What could be in your box? Lacy Sunshine Specialty papers, dies, flowers, embellishments, rubber stamps, crafting tools ( such as glitters, sprays,markers, pencils... just to name a few).
Lacy Sunshine Crafter's Candy Box Demonstrating Kit Pre-orders will be available in days to come at a special price. More details coming real soon. If this is something that interests you ..... please a comment below, message me or email me, Heather at to be placed on our special mailing list.
More great and exciting things coming to Lacy Sunshine. This is just a glimpse of what lies ahead at the Crafter's Candy Shoppe..
Have a wonderful crafting day  my friends!
Hugs, Heather

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Bloom. Some Pigs and Emmilou Boo!

Happy  Sunday  fellow  crafters and friends!

I hope you   are  having  a terrific  crafting  day!

Today  I  have  some  new digis to  share with  you.  So   grab a cup of tea or  coffee  and  check out   the  wonderfully  sweet   crafting candy!

First I would like to introduce you too  my newest  BOO.

*** Warning-  Cuteness  Alert*****
Meet Emmilou Boo.

Next  here is  Emmilou, Oink and Oinker Too.

Just wanted to let you know, for those of you  who remember  our  country  gal  Roxann and her  pet  Oinks......well  Oinks  would have  appeared in this  digi too but he is off have  some fun  today:) So   just  these   two lil  piglets   appeared today(wink)

And look at  what  blossomed  in my Lacy Sunshine Garden today... 
Meet  Ivy Flower Pot Pretties.

Now these  three  precious   digi stamps  are  available only in my  Lacy  Sunshine .. A  Crafter's Candy Shoppe.

Well I  hope you have  enjoyed   our   crafting  candy  for  the day!

Also before I  forget I  am   having  a  FLASH SALE today  until Midnight tonight  EST. All digi stamps(  excluding retiring soon)  are   all 50% off. Please use  code AprilSun50  upon checkout. 

Happy shopping and  crafting!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Newbie to the Creative Team

Happy Saturday!  I'm Donna Mundinger and am so thrilled to be joining you here as a new member of the Lacy Sunshine Creative Team.  I'll be sharing a project I made with the adorable Mayde line of stamps.  I've used all 6 of the Mayde Stamps (currently available in the NEW section of the Shop) to make a little weekly inspirational chore reminder with note pad.  Each day showcases Mayde hard at work.

Monday features Mayde Laundry Day.

Tuesday, Mayde Pressing Matters

Wednesday, Mayde Spring Cleaning Dust Bunnies

Thursday, Mayde's Electric Broom

Friday, Mayde Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

and finally Saturday Mayde's Puppy Bathtime.
I'm pretty sure Mayde rests on Sunday after all that hard work.  LOL  Have to say I enjoyed coloring this gal a lot more than I do cleaning house, but my project makes me smile and I hope you like it too.  Come visit me at Popsicle Toes to ay "Hi" and see a few more pix.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Rory Love.

Hi everyone!

A while ago  I  created  the  very   first  characters to my  popular  Sweet Urchin Collection.  The   first  set of  characters  to  debut included,  Annie, Mikey, Ilsa and RORY.

Rory,  has  since taken the  world by  storm and  today I  would like to  showcase  my most  beloved lil urchin.

As  you can  see  by  the   drawings and  creations  below Rory is  99% of time  drawn with her  special  delivery  bag.  I  guess  you  could  say that  is her lil  trademark persay.  She  has  other  features   too....  that  separate this  loveable  tomgirl  from the  rest.. including her   big  hat, messy hair, usually over one  eye  and those  patchy coveralls, of  course  one  normally   always  missing a  button. 

What's   Rory's   charm?  I think its  just that loveable  glisten in her  eyes and   her   facial  expressions.....  it is  for me  anyway.   I  am  sure  when you look at this  cutie  you  will  find  other   things  that   warm  your  heart  about  Rory.  But whatever charm  she  has  ... one this is   for  sure is  simply irresistible.

Enjoy   the  AMAZING Rory Eye Candy!

Lacy Sunshine's  Rory Sweet Urchin collection is  available only in  our  Crafter's  Candy Shoppe.

Want to  thank everyone for their  amazing   eye  candy featuring  our  star RORY! 

I hope you have a  wonderful day fellow artists, crafters and  friends.

Have a  beautiful day!
Hugs, Heather

*** All  of  Heather Valentin's  images  are  US Copyrighted. All rights  reserved.***